Intro to Inbound

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Inbound marketing has taken the world of digital marketing by storm. In the last decade, businesses all over the globe have adopted the “inbound” marketing methodology, reshaped their marketing strategies, and watched their businesses soar. Register for this FREE 30-minute three-part introductory video course of on Inbound marketing with Moda Partners' Marketing Director, GeoLyn Mantei.
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Intro to Inbound

What's Inside The Classroom?

In this 3 part, 30 minute course you will learn the strategies and tools marketers use to establish and grow their online presence, and how to effectively implement strategic digital marketing campaigns.

  • Traditional vs Modern (Inbound) Marketing

  • The Inbound Methodology

  • Inbound Best Practices

  • Buyer Personas

  • The Buyer's Journey

  • Creating Compelling Content

  • Leveraging Content through SEO, web pages, email, social and more.

Bonus Material

Workbooks, templates, articles & videos to help put your learning into action.

  • Blogs & Articles

    Insight from thought leaders to take your learning to the next level including how inbound can help solve your greatest marketing challenges.

  • Workbooks & Templates

    Workbooks and templates to put your learning into action including how to develop your buy persona, content mapping and editorial calendar.

  • Videos & Podcasts

    Learn from industry leading experts and partners from around the world including Gary Vaynerchuk and HubSpot.

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